Swamis Point

Swamis Point is a great surfing location located in Encinitas, California. The surf is best in the winter when the north west swells are present.

4-2Encinitas is a very health oriented community. City statistics mention that 60% of the residents are involved in some sort of Yoga practice. Yoga studios abound everywhere. There are many health food stores and natural health practicioners. Each day you will see residents exercising along the coast where they take long walks along the beach or bluff top walkway, ride bicycles, jog, swim, surf and kayak.

Swamis Point has a beautiful beach walk. In the afternoon and evenings just before sunset it can be very peaceful to sit along the waters edge in a beach chair at high tide and meditate or watch the sunset and listen to the peace of the gentle waves as they roll in close to your chaiir.

The rich waters around Swami’s Reef contain 12 distinct habitats—including a thriving kelp forest, extensive surf grass beds, and rocky reefs—where lobsters, halibut, grunion, and many other fish and invertebrates feed and breed. At low tide, the nearshore reef is exposed, and visitors can see brittle stars, sea hares, and octopi in the pools, as well as 45 million year old fossils imprinted in the flat rocks.