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Nutritional Supplements

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Body Biotics for a Healthy Balance of Friendly Bacteria
Foundational Longevity Health Preservation Product Body Biotics with SBO – Soil Based Organisms . Helps restore a healthy balance of friendly bacteria to the GI tract* Helps rid the body of mold, yeast, fungi, parasites, and viruses.* Helps stimulates the production of your own army of natural un-coded antibodies to enhance immune support* Works to …

Are Probiotic supplements critical to your long-term overall health? Absolutely!

In this toxic filled world, today, we find excessive over-use of dangerous chemicals, fungicides, and herbicides in every aspect of our lives-from the water we drink, to the air we breathe, and the processed drugged-filled meats we eat; couple these conditions with our “unfertile nutrient-deplete soil” that was once teaming with a host of friendly soil-based organisms which we ingested daily to keep our gut in check, now have “all but” disappeared from our food supply and almost extinct. Visit website for more details...

Dr. Schulze Longevity Health Preservation Herbal Formulas

Create an annual or semi annual, anti ageing longevity health preservation maintenance program, which includes cleansing for each organ, using Dr. Schulzes herbal formulas.

Organifi – Green Juice Super Food Supplement

Lose weight by managing cortisol...ORGANIFI GENTLY DRIED SUPER GREENS POWDER. Now you can get all your healthy superfoods in one glass. When you are travelling or don't have time to juice...grab one of your Organifi Green Juice! Organifi Green Juice is Infused with Coconut Water Crystals which may improve nutrient absorption. Plus we've added Ashwagandha, one of natures powerful all natural ingredients. These ingredients along with the other hand picked ingredients in our proprietary formula promote these benefits: Hydrates & Revitalizes Helps to support Immunity Detoxify Your Body Helps to support relaxation, mental and physical well being Supports the onset of sleep Helps Balance Hormones.

Swamis World Longevity Anti Ageing Directory

The Swamis World Longevity Anti Ageing Directory goals are to offer website visitors information, products and services, which work towards discovering how to balance daily lifestyle activities, which most beneficially, could include meditation, daily exercise, vegetarian diet, positive thinking, affirmations, the right work, inspiring social activities, weekly family singing night and healthful creatively formulated, advanced nutritional breakthrough supplements.